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Market News3 weeks ago

The ATX closed firmer

The ATX closed firmer on Friday in line with most European stock exchanges. Compared to the previous day, a plus...

Market News3 weeks ago

The Swiss stock market is clearly weakened

The Swiss stock market is clearly weakened by the developments on Wall Street. The reason for this is mainly the...

Market News3 weeks ago

World stocks and oil prices rose on Friday

World stocks and oil prices rose on Friday after economic data came out of China. The euro hovered near its...

Market News3 weeks ago

U.S.-based Supervalu – Changes regarding its pricing structure

U.S.-based Supervalu, which owns Albertsons, Jewel-Osco, Save-A-Lot and other grocery chains, reported late Wednesday that it will make sweeping changes...

Market News3 weeks ago

EnBW – 10-year gas procurement contract

EnBW said it has agreed a 10-year gas procurement contract with a foreign supplier, giving it more flexibility when it...

Market News3 weeks ago

The effects of the U.S. drought for the economy

Ohio is among 29 U.S. states designated as a natural disaster zone because of the drought. The U.S. Department of...

Market News3 weeks ago

Ryanair has moved a step closer to buying Cyprus Airways

Ryanair has moved a step closer to buying Cyprus Airways. Chief executive Michael O’Leary traveled to Cyprus yesterday for negotiations...

Market News3 weeks ago

Yahoo has recently had a new boss

Yahoo has recently had a new boss, namely Marissa Mayer. She is now to free Yahoo from the standstill and...

Market News3 weeks ago

Burger King takes over Tim Hortons

Now it’s official, the fast food chain Burger King takes over the donut provider Tim Hortons. Thus, this mega deal...

Market News3 weeks ago

Peregrine Financial Group Inc. admitted defrauding his clients

The chief executive of collapsed brokerage Peregrine Financial Group Inc. admitted defrauding his clients of more than $100 million over...


Education20 hours ago

Establish a strategy before you start forex trading

Interested traders have a wide variety of reasons to get involved in forex trading. But all successful traders have one...

Education2 days ago

How much money is required for forex trading?

Anyone who is interested in Forex trading will naturally want to start trading immediately. But first, the future trader should...

Education3 days ago

Scalping, Spread and Technical Analysis

What do brokers mean by scalping? In this method, the trader places several trades in smaller amounts and with the...

Education4 days ago

What does technical/fundamental analysis, spread or PIP mean?

In Forex trading there are very special technical terms. Not every trader can know everything. In addition, in the age...

Education7 days ago

Is Forex trading also possible with iPhone and Android?

When trading Forex, equal rights apply to all. This motto is taken to heart by many brokers. This is good...

Education1 week ago

Is Forex trading with a low budget possible?

Even with little capital can be traded and quite good profits can be achieved. Thus, forex trading is quite possible...

Education1 week ago

Can anyone participate in Forex trading?

Generally, anyone can participate in trading, but the prerequisite is that the age of 18 has been reached. Trading is...

Education1 week ago

Procedures and Influencing Factors in Forex Trading

In forex trading, almost all activities and transactions are performed through trading software. To make the trading experience as safe...

Education1 week ago

Use leverage carefully

The use of leverage should be used carefully. Too much leverage can lead to big losses and only those traders...

Education2 weeks ago

What are the best strategies for FX trading?

One of the most common mistakes Forex traders make is not having a trading strategy. Because of the many enticing...

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