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IQ Option Review

Modern trade is nothing like those in the olden days. Although the statement seems quite valid but there it is surprising to see a good number of businesses continuing on the older patterns. However, it’s not our major subject at hand to discuss how the older methods worked.

In these times of smartphones and tablets, fast communication and quick results, the methods of trade have also been revolutionized to a large extent. It is one of the common terminologies used in stock markets, and those of you who have background knowledge of this form of trade will understand its significance.

Since everything happens through software these days, trading platforms have also been developed to cater to the needs of people willing to trade online. A platform that allows you to sell and purchase from regulated and unregulated exchanges has become quite a needed tool to serve the needs of businesses and individuals.

Since there is no area of business free from competition, the platforms come in a variety of features and set of tools that can bring more efficiency to your trading. From the pool of some well-known platforms of this niche, we will take a look at one such software that can attract a lot of traders.

In this review, we will take a look at IQ Options, a platform that brings innovative trading solutions at your desktop.

What is IQ Options?

IQ Options is a smart tool that gives you the capability to calculate and estimate potential profit from your trades in advance. IQ Options makes it possible for you to make more money in a short time without requiring too much of an effort. Therefore, people who have smaller investments and are looking for money making opportunities can make most of this software.

Considering that it has only been three years since the platform was introduced, IQ Options has made exceptional progress. The stats are quite astonishing with the number of online accounts increasing dramatically every year.

Whether it’s trading volume or number of online accounts, IQ Options has been making rapid progress. At the moment, there are more than 14 million accounts on this website. The online trading has also shot up, and there are roughly 3,000,000 deals carried out on a daily basis.

It surely gives an idea as to how much the users have liked this software and that it has been a good source of income for the majority of them.

IQ Option – An Introduction

By the time IQ Option started, it was only available in 18 countries. BY the next year, this number had already doubled. One year later IQ Option had already settled in nearly 180 countries worldwide.  From New Zealand to South America IQ Option has developed into a giant of a product enabling itself to grow with time continuously.

With IQ Option, the possibilities are endless. You can trade stocks and be confident about the estimated profits. Whether you are a small business owner or a student, you can get great results and learn better through this software platform.

To give you an idea as to what you can do with this product, here is a brief discussion:

  • You can make use of popular gateway and finance related integrations such as Skrill, WebMoney,
  • Join the affiliate programs and be a part of the fastest growing program at IQ Option.
  • Take help regarding tickets from the ever ready support staff through online chat.
  • Make use of the fast withdrawal process and get your requests approved within a day.
  • Take your share in the large sum of monthly payments for the users.

Another big plus point about this software is that it works on almost all the top operating systems. This allows you to stay connected with the online trade from anywhere.

The Pricing

One of the biggest advantages of IQ Option is that you don’t really need a big investment to start online trading. It’s quite simple, the more you invest, the better results you can acquire. For starters, there is a practice account setup available. This account doesn’t require you to deposit any amount. The practice account is good to check your capability of trading without risking your finances a great deal.

On the other hand, if you wish to start real trading, you can do that with as little as $10. This automatically makes you a candidate for 36% bonus. If you wish to start from a heavy investment more than $3000, then you will also get a personal account manager to manage all your matters.

Opening your account is quite simple. Like most websites, you simply have to provide a few details and verify the email. The software is strictly for 18 years and above age group. Also, you can use your Facebook or Google Plus account to log in.

Is IQ Option Better Than Other Similar Tools

Like we mentioned earlier, there is no product which doesn’t have a competitor in the market. IQ Option also has some serious competitors around which may be offering better services in some areas. Here is a brief comparison to see where IQ option stands among its competitors.

When we look at the account types, IQ Option offers free and paid accounts both. Other platforms may not give you the free platform and may require an investment. Although it has been seen that other platforms might provide access to educational material, IQ option levels the situation with fast withdrawals and a small amount of starting an investment for paid accounts.

When you are trading, there is a minimum investment requirement. $10 is by far one of the lowest trading requirements in the stock world. Other platforms might require you hundreds of dollars for a minimum investment. Therefore, IQ option is clearly a good option for small investment starters.

Is it Simple to Use?

Stock Trading Platforms are generally easy to use. IQ Option is no exception. It requires more of your brain to deal with the decision making rather than the software so IQ Option can be considered as a fairly easy to use software platform.

Many of the features in this software are automated which means that you don’t have to do much besides making selections and decisions. To elaborate our point, here is a look at some of the features which will help understand why this software is so easy to use.

Tab System: The tab system for selection of tools makes it easier to manage everything related to pricing and assets. You will see a drop down list that consists of all the assets. This list is hidden inside the pricing tab placed at the top right corner.

Call and Put Buttons: If you’re an experienced investor, you might want to make investments quickly. Therefore, putting in the amount manually every time can be irritating. IQ Options, therefore, offer predefined amounts. Whether it’s $10, $20 or more, it is fed into the system by default and all you have to do is make the selections. There is also personal cabinet section which shows all your bank transaction details and your trading history.

Low Minimum Amount for Investment: You already know about the minimum investment for trading. The minimum amount for a single option is also very low i.e. $1.  If you wish to withdraw amount, the minimum amount is $10. Also, the latest upgrades allow you to withdraw within a day, so the speed of transactions is really fast.

Special Trade Chart Feature: This feature is one great addition to the software. With this special feature, you can now use the same chart to make several trades. Seasoned traders would love this feature particularly because they can use the “Fence” strategy. This allows you to purchase against the lows and highs of your underlying assets.

App for Mobile Devices: You don’t have to be in front of your desktop for trading options. IQ Option is available for the top operating platforms for mobile devices and tablets such as Android, Windows, iOS and Mac. Therefore, you can trade from literally anywhere with a tap on your screen. The app is widely used and is considered one of the best trading apps in nearly 30 countries of the world.

With such ease of use and high-quality features, IQ Option has understandably won hearts of most of its users. It continues to impress its users which is why it has been gaining acceptance internationally as we speak.

Pros of IQ Option

To be honest, the list is quite a long one. However, we will just give you a brief idea how IQ Option can serve you better.

  • It has an intuitive platform for desktops and mobile devices which can guide you through the trading process.
  • You can earn high bonuses by making use of smart trading options
  • There is a free demo account, so you can test the waters without investing
  • The range of trading assets is quite large.
  • Its mobile apps have the state of the art features which give you more power over your trading decisions.
  • There are trading competitions which can help you earn prizes.
  • Minimum deposit limit is quite low, so you can start safe.
  • It is available in five different languages i.e. Chinese, Arabic, English, Spanish and Russian.

Cons of IQ Option

Like any other app, there are downsides to this product as well. IQ Option has a few setbacks which do not actually affect the overall software but can be improved in the future.

  • There is a limitation to some contracts for trading. Therefore, it can bind a user to some extent.
  • The tool set also has a few limitations. There is still a lot of room for expansion of this section

What are Users Saying about IQ Option?

We will now look at what the current IQ Option users have to say about this software. Users have made good comments about the current features and seem to be quite happy with them. A few complaints can also be seen.

Users can be seen asking questions at the website and its social media pages. This is a good thing to see as it indicates towards the popularity of the website. Also, there are almost no complaints which tell that the users are satisfied with the software.

One of the customers complained that they didn’t receive their withdrawal money for nearly a month. This can create doubts in users’ minds, but in general, there are very few complaints regarding delayed withdrawals.

Is It Popular?

Since IQ Option is an international service, its online presence and popularity become quite important to measure. In this section, we will take a look at what web metrics sites have to say about this web service.

According to Alexa, IQ Option has a strong international ranking. In the last few months, IQ Option has risen to more than 900 rankings. It currently ranks among the top 1400 websites in the world which is a really good ranking for niche based website. A good percentage of traffic comes from the Asian region which indicates the popularity of this website in the Asia Pacific region.

SimilarWeb suggests that the website rankings have suffered in the recent past. Global ranking has gone down, and it currently ranks among the top 3100 websites which is still not too bad. Among the websites of the same niche, IQ Option ranks at 17 which is again a decent ranking.  In the last month, it has had more than 19.5 million views. Hence, we can safely say that IQ Option is a well known platform.

The Final Word

Providing state of the art features to brokers and traders, IQ Option is a reliable and intuitive stock trading platform. There are several reasons why you should try this website. Some of them have been mentioned in this review for you.

This website has won several awards such as Best Technology Application Award from The Web Marketing Association (WMA), Best Broker and Trading Application Award from IAIR Awards and FX Report Awards. This indicates to the quality of services at IQ Option which is why you might want to give it a try.

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