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Ten Primary Stock Exchanges

I used to be a Stock-Analyst until the stock market plumbed downward. The end. I studied the demographic and geographic configurations of a specific stock that was purposed to be analyzed for the client. I’d studied the escalation and de-escalation of a specific stock and report back to the investor.

The stocks are negotiated on the platform, where stock traders assemble and determine on a price. Some exchanges stocks are physically bought and sold where transactions are carried out on a trading floor, (Wall Street).

You’ve probably seen pictures of a trading floor, in which traders are excitedly thrashing around, and hollering at each other, and tickets are strewn about on the floor like confetti. The other type of exchange is a particulated composite of computers where trades are made electronically.

NASDAQ is an acronym for National Association of Securities Dealers Automated Quotation; that exchange is bought and sold electronically. The American Stock Exchange is done physically on the trading floor. I as a stock trader in Taser International, stock symbol TSAR, I controlled the stock electronically through TD Ameritrade. Taser International runs on yearly trends escalating in November spiraling down in September.

There are ten primary stock exchanges around the world

  • New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) the largest stock exchange in the world.
  • NASDAQ is the second largest stock platform in the world in New York City.
  • The third largest stock platform in the world is the Tokyo Stock Exchange.
  • London Stock Exchange, it is the fourth largest stock platform in the world.
  • Shanghai Stock Exchange. Shanghai is the fifth-largest stock trading platform in the world.
  • Hong Kong Stock Exchange. The Hong Kong trading platform is the sixth largest trading platform in the world.
  • Toronto Stock Exchange. Toronto stock exchange is the third largest trading platform on the continental North America.
  • BM&F Bovespa, BM&F Bovespa is the largest trading platform on the continental South America.
  • Australian Security Exchange. Headquartered in Sydney Australia, it is the ninth largest trading platform in the world.
  • Deutsche Börse, located in Frankfurt, Germany is one of the tenth largest trading platforms in the world.